The Return Of Harry?

So … remember Harry? As in: Harry the hairy ovarian cyst? The one I had to have removed when I was three months pregnant with the Monkey? Apparently he has a sibling.

I am SO NOT HAPPY about this.

Went to the OB today for a regular check, and since she was said remover of Harry, she wanted to put the scope up my wahoozit and make sure no new cysts were growing. Especially since I’ve been having some odd, slight cramps lately.

And guess what she found? A sibling for Harry. A 5 cm sibling, to be exact. This time, the cyst is ballooning out of my left ovary. Harry took half of my right ovary with him after he was evicted from my body. If this one doesn’t “resolve on its own”, I’m anticipating a similar thing to happen with the left ovary.

While losing half of my right ovary wasn’t supposed to affect my fertility, I wonder what potentially losing half — or all — of my left ovary will do. I’ll be the girl version of a guy with one nad. Do guys with only one nad have decreased fertility? If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What’s the sound of one hamster clapping?

Why am I so weirded out by this? I’m not sure. Most likely reason: Having to recover from abdominal surgery with a boisterous toddler running around does NOT sound easy. Or fun.

So please, send me SHRINKING thoughts …


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