They Grow Up So Fast

Seriously. Less than two weeks ago I posted a video of the Monkey taking his first solo steps. All three of them. The Hubbs and I were doing happy dances and high-fiving him (he does high-fives) left and right.

And now? We’re light years away from those first two steps. LIGHT YEARS. Because now the Monkey is all BRING IT ON. That’s right.

What’s this? You put my toy ACROSS the room? Well, let me just flex my sculpted abs and stand up from a downward dog. Seriously. He just puts his little padded butt in the air and suddenly … he’s upright! No more crawling to the couch or a wall to pull himself up. Oh no.

He’s way too mature for that now.

And then he walks — haltingly — five steps, a wobble, a pause, five more steps, across the room. When we pick him up from daycare he stands up and tries to run to us. Luckily, we catch him before he totally eats it, but he tries.

When he’s not running around doing his solo act, he grabs one of our hands and pulls us in circles around the house. What’s in his room? What’s in mom’s room? What’s in the office? Where’s dad? OOOH Kitteh! (chase ensues).

And lord love her, our cat is REALLY good with him. She lets him not-so-gently pet her. She usually just freezes when he falls near/on her. When he grabbed her tail the other day and pulled she just turned around and looked at me as if to say: “Seriously? Are you going to fix this or am I going to have to sleep on your pillow and leave a dingy mix of cat hair and kitty litter all over it? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.”

And then, just to show me who’s the boss? She did it anyway. Jerk.

These days, I’m amazed by the amount of babbling he does. This kid has an opinion on EVERYTHING. It’s a constant stream of chatter with the occasional real word thrown in. Everything is a conversation, although its admittedly one-sided.

But the biggest changes is his awareness of his surroundings. He’s fascinated by hanging lights and ceiling fans. He points to the animals on his hanging quilt and valence each morning and night, while we tell him their names: tiger, elephant, giraffe, monkey, lion, frog, and bear. He sort of says bear too — “beh”. (Come on, I said “sort of.” And he’s pointing at the bear when he says it …)

Cookie Monster is “coo geeh”. Elmo is (I think) “mo”. And remember how I mused about how much I’d miss the cuddling while watching “Sesame Street” with the Monkey? Those days are already here. He doesn’t want snuggles anymore while watching in the morning anymore. He want to walk around and watch TV from 40 different angles? Why? Because there’s subliminal messages in children’s programming? Because he wants to mess with me early in the morning? Because he’s exploring every possible thing? Because my breast milk has psychedelic properties? Who knows?

Changes are coming in leaps and bounds. I’m just trying to keep up.


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