Things have been a little hectic, hence a Monday post finally being published late Tuesday night. (ahem) Just thought I’d share some of my craziness:

  1. I’m allergic to the antibiotics I was on last week;
  2. Itchy hives and rashes do not a happy mommy make;
  3. Police officers don’t care about your itchy hives/rash when they pull you over during the morning rush hour;
  4. Although they’ll be EXTRA careful not to touch you — or stand too close to your open car window — before sending you on your way … but not without a ticket (grrr);
  5. A nearby office park lets two “pet” turkeys wander around said office park every day. Apparently they’re friends with the police officers;
  6. The turkeys — or office — don’t get ticketed for avian jaywalking;
  7. I think I saw one of the turkeys bite the officer’s butt when I was driving away, but it may have just been wishful thinking;
  8. Its hard to focus on work when all you can think about it JUST. HOW. ITCHY. YOU. ARE;
  9. Shorts help with the itchiness — no fabric touching the legs = some relief;
  10. Planning and executing a birthday party is hard. Financially hard. Especially when you have to buy a ton of stuff for the first time (like extra tables and chairs);
  11. I’m also stupidly, overly excited about said party. More excited than I’ve ever been for a party of my own.

Wednesday is almost here. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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