A Whole New World

The Hubbs and I have to step up our babyproofing in a major way: The Monkey is WALKING.

He’s still very cautious, and sizes things up before he lets go of the wall, couch, toy, or whatever he’s using to balance himself. But he’s taking (wait for it) … baby steps. (Yeah, I’m cheesy like that.)

That being said, he’s a lightning-fast crawler. He practically tackled/fell on the cat last night because she wasn’t paying attention and he wanted to grab her tail. (She KNOWS not to flick her tail around near him, because he’s like a moth to a flame. Its hilarious to watch her go still.) Luckily, she noticed him at the last moment and only suffered a hard petting. We’re trying to teach him gentle, and he’s usually pretty good. But “gentle” to a toddler can quickly escalate into a whap on the head, because he gets all excited that she stood still long enough for him to pet her.

How’s that for a tangent?

TGIF people. Have a great weekend!


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