Feel Like Dancing?

It started out innocently enough. The Hubbs bought me a card because he loves me and knew I needed a pick-me-up. It was one of those musical cards from the store. It was a dancing hamster card. This card, to be exact. It plays some of “The Hamster Dance” song. As in: “Dee-de-dee da-de-deh-do-do/ Dee-dah-dee-deh-doh!”

I laughed when I opened it. The Hubbs laughed too. The Monkey went spastic. It was love.

The card now lives in the Monkey’s room on top of his dresser. Sometimes in the morning or when he’s feeling a little cranky, I’ll pick up that card and watch a smile instantly transform his face. He is SO excited to see that card. For me to open it. To hear the hamster’s siren song.

The Hubbs and I didn’t help things. We started dancing around when we’d open the card, sending him into shrieks of laughter. The things you do for your kids.

Since the card was such a hit, the Hubbs went digging around in his office/man room and found TWO dancing hamster toys. We’ve got the “I want you to want me” rocker hamster and Dr. Love with his “I got a bad case of loving you.” They too, have provided untold hours of entertainment. The rocker’s guitar is now literally holding on by a thread. The Monkey will crawl into the man room just to get to the file cabinet. Because he KNOWS those hamsters are there and he wants to hear them sing.

Over. And over. And over.

Then one morning after a particularly gnarly teething session in which the Monkey would only sleep when held upright, I asked the Hubbs to give me 20 minutes to 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep. When I was woken up an hour later by a Monkey laughing and landing on my stomach, I was informed of our newest edition: The Hamster Song video. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3G5IXn0K7A)

I have three words to describe this video: Crack. For. Babies.

And then, as if the Hamster video wasn’t enough, the Hubbs went and found this: The Gummy Bear song. And all the other Gummy Bear songs. (“Nuki” aka the pacifier song, “cho-ka-ko”, and more!) And if you thought the Hamster dance song was crack? The Gummy Bear song is just … sinister. It gets into your head. And stays there. It makes itself comfortable and eats all your Thin Mints and doesn’t buy you a new box.

I know it by heart, and I can sing it while dancing around the house, which the Monkey loves and demands on occasion.

We now have a nightly routine. If you think of it in exercise terms, its a circuit. Except instead of going from pull-ups to sit-ups to leg raises, our circuit looks like this:
Hamster card –> dancing hamster toys –> Hamster song video –> No less than THREE Gummy bear videos.

If you mess with this circuit, Kid-Zilla emerges: burning towns and trampling skyscrapers.

Now I know why my parents had a strict ban against dancing/musical toys when we were kids. Self-preservation.

ba ba bidodidodi bum-bum!

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