I’m Going To Be Pregnant Forever

The Sea Monkey was due April 14 — on a Tuesday. And every time I’d go in to see my OB during the last month before he was due it was all about how he (yes, the Sea Monkey is a he) had dropped low, which was good, and how I was dialated to a “tight 1” which meant that I COULD POP ANYTIME.

I really, REALLY wanted to pop. Nine months pregnant, barely sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable at night, never able to get comfortable during the day, back pain … bloating. People would ask me how I felt and my favorite response was: “I feel like a beached whale … that just ate a cow.” (My boss found that hilarious.)

I was still working from home, and planned to do so until I went into labor. It helped out work, which was already short-handed, and it helped me out by saving all my time off until after the baby was born.

And then April 14 (a Tuesday) came … and went. No labor. No nothing. I was going to be pregnant forever. At my appointment the next day, my blood pressure had jumped — I was sent to the hospital for fetal monitoring and tests. Two hours later I was sent home with an appointment to be induced on Monday April 20. In my mind, that was it. Since this baby wasn’t going to leave the nest until he was kicked out, I had until Monday to get all our last-minute stuff done. (Nothing important, just hanging a valance in the baby’s room, finishing touches, etc.)

The induction date actually took a lot of the stress away for me. I called my boss and let him know that my last day working would be Friday and that I’d e-mail him after the baby was born. On Friday, I was able to officially hand my work over to co-workers and tell them I’d see them in August.

I went to bed that night mentally relaxed, although my body was in knots and I didn’t sleep well. But that was just par for the course at that point.


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